Two Important Features of Ecommerce Website

Two Important Features of Ecommerce Website

Have you ever shopped on an online or e-commerce website that did not look perfect? The website may have a wide range of products at a reasonable price, but the navigation would have remained imperfect. It is obvious for any person to leave the website and enter the competitor’s company for better navigation and payment option. The SSL certificate is an important aspect of an e-commerce website. It shows that your website is safe for making online payments.

How to find out that the e-commerce website is safe?

The e-commerce website should be developed in customer’s perspective. It should be safe for the customer. There are several online stores in the world, but you have to find out that the website is safe to use. When a hacker steals the credit card details from the website, the e-commerce store will not be considered genuine. You have to focus on all essential factors to develop a secure and strong foundation for an e-commerce website. But still, it is not enough to keep the visitors on the website. You have to think what your customers think about your online store and how they confidently input their financial details in your site. It concludes you to think about a safe and smart e-commerce website.

Basic Rules to Design an Ecommerce Website

One of the best ways to gain trust from the user is developing a professional e-commerce website. Many people understand differently, and some important rules are;

Keep things simple:

keep it Simple

The homepage should contain the necessary information. If it is cluttered with too much of information, the visitors will not find the website attractive. You do not have to maintain a big website but manage with clear and simple information. When it comes to an e-commerce website, you have to include simple click through images that will help the user to visit the appropriate section of the website. Do not go overboard. The promotions can be made through by fixing a separate link as sales/promotions page in the website. The user can see five or ten in the external window and when they click they can see the entire list of promotions.

Simplify navigation:


The website structure should be transparent and straight forward. It should be simple to understand. Ensure to classify the products in the form of categories. If needed, you can divide further into categories and subcategories. The user can easily browse and select their favorite products in few clicks. Remember, all users will not be searching for the same product. When you divide the products category wise, it will be simple to purchase.


E-commerce websites has developed and reached to a great height in few years. As more and more people are using the internet on their smartphones, the e-commerce website has started to get traffic from two sides. It is important to keep the website secure, competitive and at the same time simple to use to stay ahead in the market.

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