Simple Tips to Secure Website from Hackers

Simple Tips to Secure Website from Hackers

Simple Tips to Secure Website from Hackers!

Most people have a thinking that their website does not contain anything worth for hacking. Remember, websites can be used by hackers at any time. The website security breaches do not aim to deface your website or steal your data but try to use your server for sending spam emails or establish temporary web server. It will help them to serve files that are illegal in nature. Here mentioning top five tips that will help to keep your website safe online.

Maintain up to date software: It may sound simple, but you need to keep the software up to date. It is important in keeping your website safe and secure. The principle applies to the software you are running on your site as well as server operating system. When there is a hole in website security, the hackers will try to abuse the website.

The managed hosting solution is safe, and you do not have to worry if you are using it. The hosting company will manage and take necessary security measures to safeguard your website.

It is important to apply security patchesespecially when you are using third party software on the website as a forum or CMS. When you sign in, several CMSes like Umbraco, WordPress and others will notify about system updates.

Passwords: It is well known that it is necessary to use complex passwords. It does not mean that it will protect your website all the times. You have to use passwords to your website admin area and server. The users should be encouraged to practice safe password practices to safeguard their accounts.

Most users do not follow this simple advice and end up facing serious consequences. It is mandatory to use aminimum of eight characters that should include thenumber and uppercase letter to protect your website information for thelong term. The passwords should be preserved as encrypted values. If you require extra website security, you can salt the passwords that are a fresh salt per password.

File uploads: One of the major security risks is allowing the users to upload the files. It is the main reason to face hacking or security issues.  When a user uploads a file, you have to see all the files with great doubt. You cannot depend on the mime type or file extension to check that the file is a document or image. It can be easily faked. How to prevent this? The recommended solution is evading direct entree to uploaded files. The files uploaded will not be stored in the webroot. It will be stored outside the database as a splotch.

Hopefully, replica watches these ideas will help to keep your information and website safe. The majority of CMSes have in-built security features and helps to protect your website from hackers. Ensure to explore or gain knowledge about the security features for better protection.

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