Client Overview

A leading real estate organisation in India

Business Scenario

Based on an identified gap in the real estate market our client wanted to create a real estate platform which can support the business model. Most of the industry was focussed to serve the property sellers needs whereas there was no focussed service for property buyers. There was a lack of quality property information available on properties posted in the competitor websites, in most cases leading to a middle man increasing cost.
Based on this background, the client required a robust web platform which can effectively capture the buying audience. Increase the time spent on the website by providing quality features and information, implementing features that would help attain repeat traffic to the platform.

There were also future requirements to add more cities coverage, extend the platform in a franchise model with advanced back office management features.

The client was looking for long term IT partner who can not only find the right solution and develop but also support ongoing enhancements/maintenance.


Prapti conducted extensive analysis to find the best possible solution by mapping the current and future requirements from the client. Implemented a Proof of concept based on analysis outcome and demonstrated the value the final solution and bring. It also highlighted how the client can create a competitive edge with some advanced features that can be built very quickly to stay ahead of the competition. The solution also catered to advanced SEO functionality to increase visibility of the website, several built in reusable code to customize and build back office feature.

  • The pictures of the property were displayed in a carousel fashion, filter based search engine making it easier for visiting customers.
  • Different pages for different cities were made available across the website along with detailed information of the respective cities.
  • As per client request space for advert and related adverts were made available
    Social Media Integration across the website was established.
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