Fresh Store

Fresh Store

Client Overview

A team of marketing Proffessors who were emerging as entrepreneurs

Business Scenario

They wanted to create online Indian stores in outskirts of few towns in UK.
Initially they wanted to create Online store and expand to physical store in various location.
They wanted to integrate the online store with the physical store in terms of stocks.
Based on this background, the client required a robust web platform which can effectively capture the sales data and the details of the customer base.
Increased the time spent by customer on the website by providing quality features and information, and also implementing features that would help attain repeat traffic to the platform.
There were also future requirements to add more cities coverage,and advanced back office management features.
The client was looking for long term IT partner who can not only find the right solution and develop but also support ongoing enhancements/maintenance.


We took steps to understand geographically about the locations.
We performed competitive analysis for the specific category on online stores.
Based on their requirement, we designed protype .
We suggested solutions to integrate the POS with the online store and also supported their branding  so that they could stand out in a market saturated with online shops.

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