Partnership Overview

At Prapti, we were early to realise that there’s no brand ambassador like good work. Today, our clientele spans diverse industry verticals and most of these partnerships have chosen to come back to us for their latest projects. We believe that in our priority model, client relations come first. And we do just about everything to ensure that they stay that way !

Business Line Partnership

If you are an looking for a credible IT outsourcing partner for your clients, Business Line Partnership (those who work with end clients). The reason to partner with prapti from our perspective is very simple, we understand the Europe geography better and have a partner network with various technology offerings. The current UK/Europe market is crowded with IT vendors and finding a credible IT vendor who understands the challenges at the Small Medium Enterprises segment is difficult. Despite the choice of too many IT vendors it is still difficult to find credible vendor with high quality and low cost focused on SME segment. Why? More than half of the IT vendors catering to SMEs are flexible however the delivery processes needs to be more stronger. They are technology experts but seldom consider the dimensions such as “Value delivered” and “Time to Market” which are more client side benefits. Due to smaller team sizes and lower overall engagement revenue, there is always pressure on both sides to deliver more for less. Most often the IT vendors catering to SME segment cannot scale up to new and variety of technologies due to size limitations. What could become competitive advantage to you or to your client may not be an area of focus for your IT vendor. Cost for building it on your own could be very high. To manage such situations, first we need someone who understands these challenges and looks at delivering “Value” not only from an IT perspective but also from a business perspective, also address the challenges using technologies. Prapti precisely excels in understanding these challenges and bringing the best practice and workable solutions to add “Value” with high quality and low cost.

Service Line Partnership

If you are an IT outsourcing services organisation, Service Line Partnership (those who provide direct technological solution). The reason to partner with Prapti from our perspective is very simple, we understand the Europe geography better with direct client contacts. The current UK/Europe market is crowded with IT vendors and about 60% of the market is saturated with Tier 1 vendors and the rest with Tier 2 vendors /others. We believe there is a whitespace for quality and flexible IT vendors for the Small Medium Enterprises segment. Despite the economic downturn and gloom outlook, there is increased demand for cost effective but high quality IT vendors in the SME segment. Why? Like the big enterprises the SMEs cannot cut down hugely on their IT team size because they primarily only have a relatively smaller team compared the bigger enterprises. Losing people and retraining them is higher cost to SME segment, therefore IT vendors who can provide cost effective and high quality solutions to take the pain away are in demand. There could variety of solutions that are in demand and new emerging solutions/technologies, this information is invaluable to an IT organisation to focus and capitalise on it. We only partner with companies where we find value addition to the network and to the end client, the partner list will be refreshed on yearly basis based on performance. There is no fee that is being charged currently for partnerships. We are neither a intermediary organisation which does sourcing of project nor we broker relationships, we work with the client and work with the partner network to deliver value to both ends.

Partner network

Working together to make business software better for more customers in more places Partnerships mean added strength. That's why our partner program is an essential part of the solutions strategy at Prapti. We continue to build relationships with companies whose hardware, software, and services complement our own, helping us provide stronger business solutions for customers around the world. As part of our partner strategy, we focus on bringing added value to every phase of the product lifecycle—from partners at the strategic level through to development and on to channel partners at the delivery level. These relationships increase the value of our solutions—value that comes from leveraging complementary technology, long-term investments, efficient delivery that reaches every corner of the globe, and support to help our customers meet their unique regional and local challenges. Prapti has established partnership with some leading IT concerns in the world. These partnerships make it possible to act together on the market and to deliver holistic solutions to our customers. We are continuously looking for new partners that can add value to our solutions. Would you like to be our partner? Please fill up the Partner form below.

Partner program

Prapti is committed to the partner channel, and offers programs dedicated to enhancing our partners’ business, expanding their market reach and increasing their profitability. We believe in win-win situations. If you think your business would benefit from a partnership, please complete the following business development contact form. We’d love to hear your ideas on how our businesses might be able to grow together and share our own with you.

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