2017 Web Design Trends

2017 Web Design Trends

Vertical scrolling and patterns

The latest trend is depending on mobile devices for internet search. It is expected that mobile traffic could remain equal to the desktop traffic in 2017. It means you have to design sites in vertical flow. The website remains as a significant interaction tool for customers. As the mobile screens are small in size, the designers should create website that are vertical in nature.

Card style interfaces

The card style interfaces is the latest element from material design. It is applied in almost everything from applications, printed pieces to websites. It is fun and simple to create cards. The information is maintained in an organized manner and it is use friendly. It remains engaging for users. It works best in all kinds of devices.

Hero Video Headers

The website design industry is changing rapidly. The latest trend is adding movie headers in the website . The integration of better video plugin and high speed internet connection makes it simple for website designers to provide movie style experience. The images are crisp, sharp and in high definition. The video clips are developing from tiny snippets to full length preview clips. These changes will help the user to experience the website online. Though they are familiar through other devices, it will still attract them and make them use the website.

Small animations
Animation was the popular IT trend of 2016. It will continue to grow but size of the animation would decrease. Small animated clips with humor can attract people easily. It is the best way to engage customers especially when they are waiting for the website to load. They will feel surprised to watch the animation in that small waiting time. Ensure to post animated videos with a purpose.

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