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We have a plethora of case studies to show to you. Please browse the selected projects and contact us for more details. We will be happy to take you through the successful journeys we have established with our clients.

Join our sucessful Clients, here is what they say.....



"I want to express my gratitude here to Prapti. I am well aware that you have done an exceptional sprint, thank you all for that."



"I would like to congratulate the whole Prapti team . Its working like a Charm, I appreciate the whole team for all the effort and surely we look forward for more working together. I request the whole team to take a break now - Enjoy now!".

We remain focused to deliver realistic and practical solutions to reduce cost and improve quality

We have implemented more than 100 projects, which most of them are bespoke solutions for brand names and recognized companies. Our developers focus to build software, sensibly. We have the latest facilities and resources to establish disruptive solutions that will give power to your businesses. Our range of solutions has helped enterprises to drive the best results.

Technologies We Specialize

  • Mobile-Application-Development


    The Prapti Mobile application team has developed about 200 mobile apps on Java, HTML5, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. We know and understand the importance of mobile application development business, and we have the right mixture of expertise and experience combines with the talented team. At Prapti, we ensure that each application meets the performance requirements and business, while adding innovation and value for the customer.

  • Open-Source-Development-Projects


    Prapti offers software and application development services leveraging all the effective technologies like .Net, Java, Php, Joomla, Magento, Drupal many more. We can offer you a full range of Open Source development-related platform, including CMS platform and Open Source for E-Commerce platform. We have proven technical expertise and engineering practice in open source software facilitating businesses to alleviate down time, business rule defiance, extra expenses and security issues.

  • Better-IT-consulting-Services


    Prapti is one of the major players, providing IT consulting services and professional support to Information Technology projects for the public and private sectors. We not only understand complex information technology issues but we also know how to explain these issues to business users. We have established our strong presence in London, UK in the field of IT consulting. We house professionals with years of experience to provide myriad services under one roof.

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February 2, 2017
E-commerce as a business

E-commerce as a business

Collaboration of faster internet and by the use of powerful internet tools has resulted in a new arena in the world of commerce called to as […]
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